the sooner, the better.

the sooner, the better.

Our mission is to create digital experiences that reach both minds and hearts of people.

About us

Since 2012 we focus on designing and developing high-end software, automations and visual identity services with involvement in the local and international market. The experience gained over time by our team recommends us to develop web-based software that can meet both, the needs of a mature business and a start-up at the highest quality standard.

If you need assistance in building your product from scratch or supporting and upgrading the already existing one, apply for a free estimation and we’ll get in touch with you for further details.

P.S. The coffee is on us!

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How we do it?


We hear you! You want to develop your business and you’re focusing on constant development. We’re alike! We will firstly have a chat with you, in order to understand your requirements and expectations. We’d want to hear about your vision, values and what your dream website looks like. If you don’t have an idea yet, don’t worry. We’ll put it together and define the direction for your website.



Yes, we need to do an in-depth research on the market in order to define the needed strategy that works the best for your website. We’ll present you a brief/draft and we’ll validate the offer with you. When everything is in the right place (time spent, offer and budget agreed on), we have a deal.



Here comes the magic. The creative process is carried along the way with your help. In order to create what your dream of we need to follow an established strategy. We’ll illustrate a draft for your project and only when you’re fully content with our ideas, the development process starts. We get to work ASAP!



While it’s quite difficult to keep up with technology’s new features, we come up with maintenance plans that will help you be up-to-date with the latest trends in technology.

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